We are Boots On The Ground


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The Long Island chapter of U.S Veterans motorcycle club is committed to serving our local veterans in need, while our commitment takes on many forms ultimately, we create an awareness of various issues and challenges that face our veterans every day.

Commitment and Dedication

Our club also maintains and continues to work closely with veterans and other local grassroots organization standing in solidarity with our veterans returning home from duty, they stand shoulder to shoulder at funerals in remembrance of those veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice as they are being laid to rest.

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A Bit About Us

Through the many events our chapter sponsors throughout the year, they create awareness of the hardship many veterans are going through as they return home. 

Through these events, the general public learns about the overwhelming difficulties faced by veterans and their families, and those that have suffered,,,,, while keeping America safe. 

Other work involves providing relief to the veterans in need with food, clothing and the extended hand from one veteran to another.

And as there are many challenges for Long Island Veterans and veteran all around our country and abroad, you can be assured that our organization will be there to help create solutions.

We are, “Boots On The Ground”


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